How to pack industrial aluminum profiles better

by:Zeyi     2021-08-06
It's the difficult rainy season again, and the rainy days that lasted for many days made the air filled with the smell of dampness. In this season, not only people are suffering, but industrial aluminum profiles also have many problems. So in rainy days, how can industrial aluminum profiles be packaged at a better price? Aluminum profiles are products made of aluminum and other alloying elements. The processed aluminum profile must be packed to avoid damage such as bumps during later handling or transportation. Because the quality requirements of industrial aluminum products are very high, and the overall aesthetics of the appearance are very particular, the requirements for later packaging are very strict. profile packaging process: one: film on the surface of the profile to avoid scratches. Two: Pearl cotton wrap; Three: The outermost layer is wrapped with a layer of kraft paper to avoid hard objects from scratching; In addition to the process mentioned above, the packaging of industrial aluminum profiles also includes special metal lifting racks, pallet packaging, wooden box packaging, etc. The packaging method, all the packaging is for the customer to be intact when the industrial aluminum profile is received. Pay attention to every detail, just to better serve customers, welcome online consultation!
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