How to reduce aluminum scrap when extruding aluminum profiles?

by:Zeyi     2021-09-15
The key to increasing the yield of aluminum profiles is to reduce and eliminate waste. Although waste is inevitable, it can be minimized. To this end, the following can be used to effectively control and improve the yield of extruded products.  Waste reduction measures  The correct selection of the length of the steel ingot is the main measure to reduce process waste. The length of the ingot is not calculated before extrusion, but calculated before extrusion.   At present, most companies use long rod eagerly cut aluminum rod heating furnaces. Compared with short rod heating furnaces, aluminum sheet loss is reduced. Due to the change of mold wall thickness, the control of casting length is more flexible and accurate, and the yield rate is greatly improved. However, many companies ignore the calculation of the casting length after using the long rod hot blast stove, and directly delegate this work to the operator for control. The operator often observes the length of the material based on the experience of the lower rod. If the difference is large, continue to adjust it. Usually, it takes about 3 rods to get the precise length. In this process, a large amount of waste is generated, which not only reduces the production efficiency, but also reduces the yield. The correct method is that during the initial production of the mold, the process control department calculates the length of the steel ingot. When the mold is produced multiple times, the length of the last production rod recorded on the card is slightly increased by about 5×10 mm, and Observe the length of the material while producing it. If there are different fine-tunings, the second rod is very accurate. The data shows that the use of long rod hot shear can increase the output by 4%, and it is completely feasible to increase the output by 2-3% in actual production.  Measures to increase output from the technical level  Improve the level of mold design and manufacturing, and reduce the number of mold trials is an important technical measure to increase product output. In general, the cost of the test mold is 1×3 ingots, and the output is reduced by 0.5%. Due to the low level of mold design and manufacturing, some products can only produce finished products more than 4 times, and the yield rate is reduced by 2≤5%, which not only causes economic losses, And due to repeated mold tests, the production cycle is extended.  Modern molds put forward the concept of zero mold testing, that is, after the mold is manufactured, there is no need to test the mold, and it can be directly applied to the machine to produce qualified products. Using simulation design software to perform finite element analysis, the design can be completed on the computer. Through computer simulation, the mold cavity processing is completed in the automatic processing center, and the entire mold processing is completed with high precision, so the mold quality is very high, the machine tool qualification rate is over 90%, and the yield rate can be increased by 2-6%. Appropriately increase the extrusion coefficient of aluminum profiles and increase the output of aluminum. Each aluminum plant has a series of machines. Each plant is based on the extrusion ratio of the product, the length of the cooling bed, the outer part of the product, and the length and diameter of the extrusion cylinder. To make sure that the product is produced on the corresponding machine. Practice has proved that products of the same specification are produced on different tonnage extruders. Due to the difference in extrusion coefficient, the microstructure, performance and production efficiency of the product have a great impact, and the output of the product will also be different. When the tonnage of the extruder is large, the extrusion coefficient is large, the output is high, and the extrusion cost is close.  Improving the quality of ingots is the prerequisite for increasing the yield rate  Ingots are raw materials for extrusion production. The steel ingot has uniform structure, fine grains, no slag, pores, segregation, cracks and other defects, which not only reduces the extrusion pressure, increases the extrusion speed, and improves the internal quality of the product. It can also reduce surface bubbles, pores, scratches, cracks, pitting and other defects. Smaller slag can be discharged through the slits of the mold working belt, but it will cause pear marks on the surface of the profile, resulting in a certain length of waste. However, larger slag inclusions will not be excluded from the slits of the working belt, leading to plug molds or product cracking, mold replacement, and serious impact on product output. At the same time, in order to prevent workers from using mats because they are too troublesome, it is necessary to establish a reward and punishment mechanism linked to the output of products and wages.
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