How to reduce the failure of the aluminum mask machine frame

by:Zeyi     2021-06-13
The development of the epidemic has made the demand for masks increasing. When using mask machine equipment to produce masks, how can we reduce the occurrence of failures without hindering the production of masks? Let me explain to you below. Those who have used aluminum mask machine equipment should know that if there is no failure, they can work continuously for a long time. Because the mask machine equipment made of aluminum profile is strong and durable, it is not easy to shake, the production runs smoothly, and it can work continuously for a long time. But good machinery and equipment also need to be cherished, so that they can be used for a long time. When the relevant production personnel are operating the mask machine, they need to arrange for personnel to shut down and power off the mask machine after get off work, and perform all-round inspections on the machine and remove the debris and garbage left on the mask machine. It is even necessary to wipe the mask machine with alcohol to keep the machine clean and tidy. At the same time, check whether the ultrasonic system of the mask machine has errors and other wear problems. Make a comprehensive inspection of the connection line, components, electric box, ammeter and other equipment of the mask machine for troubleshooting. After the mask machine is fed and set up, automated production operations can be realized, which greatly improves the efficiency of mask production. When using the mask machine, you should operate in strict accordance with the requirements. Regular maintenance and maintenance of the mask machine can greatly reduce the occurrence of production failures. In the process of use, it is necessary to discover the abnormal phenomenon of the mask machine in time and investigate it immediately. When the mask machine fails during operation, the operation of the equipment should be stopped in time, and professional maintenance personnel should be repaired to avoid the expansion of minor problems and affect the future use of the mask machine. The above is the content mentioned above. If you need to customize the aluminum profile of the mask machine, you can come to consult. 16 years of aluminum profile manufacturer, direct spot sales, affordable, providing deep processing services such as cutting, drilling, tapping, etc. Welcome to consult.
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