How to reuse waste aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-08-20
It is very uneconomical to scrap aluminum profiles as soon as they are bent, and such things must be avoided. So, how to reduce or avoid the scrap of aluminum profiles due to bending? Every aluminum profile manufacturer knows it, and it is no exception. First of all, extrusion and straightening will cause the aluminum profile to bend: straightening is a very serious part of the bending of the aluminum profile. The straightener must pay attention to the strength used for the straightening. If the force is too large, the profile may be deformed, closed, and orange. If the strength is too small, the profile will not be straight and cause bending. Secondly, extrusion and framing will also cause the aluminum profile to bend: this link is also very important. After the cut-to-length length is sawed, the aluminum profile must be framed. This fashion framer must pay attention: whether the material is large or small Material, is it the material drawn from a tube or a flat die? Generally speaking, large materials and materials with pipes are not easy to be bent when framed at both ends, but small materials and materials drawn from a flat die will easily cause bending at both ends. At this time, it should be from both ends to the middle. Move closer to carry out lifting and framing. However, some profiles do not work even this way, such as shutters, windows, and glands. These materials must be placed on the aged profiles and then lifted into the frame. Finally, the surface treatment on the shelf will also cause the aluminum profile to bend: the billet is aged and the hardness has reached the standard, the profile is not so easy to bend, but you should still pay attention to it when lifting the material at both ends. Will cause a certain amount of bending to the aged aluminum profile.    
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