How to select materials for custom-made aluminum profile calibration table

by:Zeyi     2021-05-31
The full name of the aluminum profile verification table is the aluminum profile verification workbench, which refers to a custom-made workbench with industrial aluminum profile profiles that can store verification tools for verification operations. Recently, some customers have customized a batch of such special workbench shelves. Today we will introduce to you how to customize the aluminum profile calibration table. In fact, verification is work such as inspection. It is very necessary for some electronic industries and mechanical parts industries to use a special workbench to perform verification operations. The special calibration workbench can not only perform calibration work but also store tools, articles and so on. When not working, it is already a locker. The aluminum profile calibration table is customized according to user needs, and the calibration table plan is designed according to the needs, and the drawings are provided, and then negotiated and modified for final confirmation. The material selection of the aluminum profile test bench: the aluminum profile frame part chooses 4040 and 4080, the whole body connection method is mainly bolts and nuts, and some corner pieces are used for reinforcement. Other accessories such as seals, end caps and casters are added as usual. Make the surface of the entire calibration table smooth, flat, without scratches and damage, without burrs, and the surface is atmospheric and beautiful. Aluminum profile is selected for custom-made verification workbench type aluminum profile frame project. The reason for saying this is that we have accumulated 16 years of experience in aluminum profile production, Ru0026D and processing. Any type of aluminum profile frame project can be discussed, scientifically researched, carried out, and delivered. The market reputation is very good.
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