How to solve the appearance of bumps and ripples on the surface of industrial aluminum?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-07
Most of the reasons for the unevenness and ripples on the surface of industrial aluminum profile are related to the aluminum extrusion process. The biggest problem occurs in the extrusion die, such as the length ratio of the working belt of the pressurized die, and the design of the size of the die cavity. The existence of corners and flow-promoting corners, the surface smoothness of new molds or repaired molds, there are so many factors that cause unevenness on the surface of industrial aluminum profile. How do we solve these problems? Below, let's take a look with the editor. Seeing the factors mentioned above, the most important thing is the design of aluminum extrusion molds. Manufacturing qualified aluminum extrusion molds is an important factor in the later processing of high-quality products. The key point is that mold manufacturers must eliminate this. The production of inferior molds. There are also some industrial aluminum profile materials with severe bumps and waves, and the molds need to be repaired first, and then the reworkable industrial aluminum materials are returned for processing. When the new or repaired mold starts to squeeze, there are waves. The first rod can be squeezed slowly at low temperature, and the extrusion can be paused several times in the middle. The purpose is to make the working belt stick to the metal and fill up, and sometimes the waves disappear naturally. Slight bumps and ripples can be treated by increasing the traction and stretching. To learn more, stay tuned to the official website!
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