How to solve the sound insulation problem of aluminum alloy doors and windows

by:Zeyi     2021-09-12
Nowadays, the city’s economy is developing rapidly. Square dancing, roadside stalls and car noise are very serious. For consumers who live on the roadside, the noise has seriously affected everyone's daily life. So, how to solve the sound insulation problem of aluminum alloy doors and windows? In order to solve the problem of sound insulation in the residence, one is to install insulation panels on the balcony during decoration, which can also achieve the effect of sound insulation, and the most important thing is the sound insulation of doors and windows, which is an important way for noise pollution to be introduced into the home. . Why do many doors and windows in cities today are not soundproof? Mainly, most home doors and windows use sliding windows or single-glazed windows. How can such windows have good sound insulation? So you must think about the sound insulation effect of doors and windows in your home. Well, we have to learn from Western countries, using casement doors and windows, such as plastic steel casement windows, or broken aluminum casement windows, which are all important materials for sound insulation doors and windows, so what does the sound insulation of doors and windows have to do with it?   1, materials Related, for example, the materials that are not suitable for soundproof doors and windows are ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows, frameless balcony windows, and the materials suitable for soundproof doors and windows are plastic steel doors and windows and broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. The interrupted bridge aluminum doors and windows are the best material and the effect is the best. Okay, but the price is also the most expensive. 2. Glass is related. The sound insulation of doors and windows is also related to this glass. At present, the glass of soundproof doors and windows is made of insulating glass. There are also a small part of vacuum glass, but it is very small. Insulating glass is the most. Among them, hollow glass It is also different. There are 6A, 9A, 12A, 15A, 22A and other different insulating glass. This is related to the door and window models selected by consumers. Among them, the best sound insulation is the 22A insulating glass, which is also the insulating glass with the largest interval. This kind of insulating glass is mainly used in 70 series of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows.
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