How to straighten industrial aluminum profiles without deformation?

by:Zeyi     2021-09-01
Everyone knows that unprocessed aluminum has low hardness, and mechanical automation equipment and assembly line workbenches all need aluminum profiles. So how can aluminum profiles bear the load without being deformed? In fact, it is not worthwhile to scrap aluminum profiles when they are bent and can be avoided. So, how to reduce or avoid scrap due to bending? Tell everyone:    (1) What is the effect of extruded aluminum profile straightening: eliminate the metal stress generated during the extrusion process, and control the size of the aluminum profile. (2) Extrusion and straightening: straightening is a very serious part of aluminum profile bending. The straightener must pay attention to the strength used for straightening. If the force is too large, it may cause deformation, closing, orange peel, etc. If the force is too small, the profile will not be straight and cause bending. (3) Extrusion and framing: This link is also very important. After sawing the length of the aluminum profile, the aluminum profile must be framed. This fashion framer must pay attention: whether it is large or small, it is with pipe Or is it the material drawn from the flat die? Generally speaking, large materials and materials with tubes are not easy to be bent when framed at both ends, but small materials and materials drawn from a flat die will easily cause bending when they are lifted. At this time, they should be moved from both ends to the middle. Move closer to carry out lifting and framing. However, some aluminum profiles do not work even in this way, such as shutters, windows, glands, etc., which must be placed on the aged profiles and then lifted into the frame. (4) Surface treatment and shelf loading: After the aging of the blank, the hardness has reached the standard, the aluminum profile is not so easy to bend, but you should still pay attention to it when lifting the material at both ends, try to avoid strong fluctuations up and down. The aluminum profile causes a certain bending.
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