How to use industrial aluminum profile as a frame

by:Zeyi     2021-09-09
Many customers want to customize cabinets, workbenches, etc. with industrial aluminum profile profiles, but when the customer service asked them if they had drawings or dimensions, the customers said no. I just heard that it can be made of industrial aluminum profile profiles. It is not clear how it is made. Let me give you a brief introduction. The requirement of the industrial aluminum profile profile custom frame is to have specific dimensions. You can simply hand-painted sketches to mark the length, width, and height requirements. For details, you can communicate with the technical staff of the profile manufacturer, and then the technical staff will follow your 3D drawings are required. After the drawing of the aluminum profile frame is drawn, it will be checked again. After confirmation, it can be processed and assembled. Before processing and assembling, there is also confirmation of the specifications of the profile used, the connection method of the profile, etc. After confirmation, the processing can be carried out according to the drawing. This process is completed in the profile manufacturer. After the aluminum profile frame is processed, it can be assembled. This step can be done in the profile manufacturer, or the customer can assemble it by themselves. The general suggestion is that customers self-assemble to save costs. Some people will worry about the situation that the assembly will not go up. You can rest assured that the profile manufacturer can provide installation drawings or video installation instructions to help you complete the assembly requirements.
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