How to use industrial aluminum profile connectors

by:Zeyi     2021-07-16
profile connectors mainly include built-in connectors, angle groove connectors, groove strip connectors, triangular connectors and bevel connectors. Let’s take a look at what they are and how to connect? 1. Built-in connectors are mainly used for cross connection or vertical connection of profiles. During assembly, installation process holes must be drilled at the specified size of the profile to embed the accessories. In the meantime, put the elastic nut into the slot of another profile at the same time, and then tighten the bolt. 2. Angle groove connectors, E-type and L-type, are used for the right-angle connection of two profiles. When installing, insert both ends into the groove of the profile, and then lock with the set screws. The installation must be based on For the groove width and connection mode of the profile, different corner fittings are used. 3. Groove strip connector, used for linear extension connection between two profiles, insert it into the slot at the butt of the two profiles when installing, and then lock it with a set screw. 4. Triangular connector is a special connector for semi-circular profiles. It can connect two or three profiles together. With the matching cover, it is very simple and beautiful. 5. Bevel connector, used for non-90° bevel connection of two profiles, it is hidden inside the profile during installation. The above is the content mentioned above. If you need to purchase industrial aluminum profile profiles, aluminum profile frames, you can come to consult metal. 16 years of aluminum profile manufacturers, dedicated service to create the future.
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