How to vigorously develop aluminum alloy

by:Zeyi     2021-06-20
Aluminum alloy has low density but relatively high strength, which is close to or exceeds that of high-quality steel. It has good plasticity and can be processed into various profiles. It has excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in industry and its usage is second only to steel. . Some aluminum alloys can be heat treated to obtain good mechanical properties, physical properties and corrosion resistance. It is a kind of non-ferrous metal structural material widely used in industry, and it has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industries. With the rapid development of industrial economy, the demand for aluminum alloy welded structural parts is increasing, and the weldability research of aluminum alloy is also in-depth. At present, aluminum alloy is the most widely used alloy. The aluminum and aluminum alloy processing industry has entered a new period of rapid development. The application of aluminum has become more and more extensive, and the transportation industry has become a major user of aluminum. Aluminum is the first choice for lightweight materials, and it will inevitably replace steel as an important basic material in various sectors of the national economy and people's lives; the aluminum industry is a sunrise industry and is bound to become one of the important pillar industries in the materials industry. Greatly promoted the modernization of aluminum and aluminum processing industry. At present, my country's aluminum industry has entered an unprecedented period of violent differentiation, adjustment, reorganization, and great development. The process of enterprise polarization and survival of the fittest will accelerate development. How can you not know the fields involved? All-aluminum household green and environmentally friendly aluminum alloy furniture has become a trend. The aluminum alloy furniture produced by large aluminum processing enterprises represented by the Guangdong household market is obtained from a series of processing of mineral resources, which can be reused and does not exist. The problem of excessive formaldehyde in general furniture. All-aluminum furniture is not easy to deform, but also has the function of fireproof and moisture-proof. In addition, even if it is eliminated, aluminum alloy furniture will not waste resources and destroy the ecological environment. Aluminum alloy flyovers At present, my country's flyovers are mainly made of steel and other non-aluminum alloys, and the completed aluminum alloy flyovers account for less than 2‰. With the rapid development of my country's economy and society, aluminum alloy flyovers have received more and more attention and recognition for their light weight, high specific strength, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, recyclability, and environmental protection. According to the general medium-sized 30-meter-long flyover (including the approach bridge), the amount of aluminum used is about 50 tons. Flood control wall Aluminum alloy flood control wall has the characteristics of light weight and simple installation. Aluminum alloy is the raw material of flood control wall. Calculated at 40 kilograms per meter of aluminum alloy flood control wall, the detachable aluminum alloy flood control wall is about 1m high and is a three-piece combined structure, each with a height of 0.33m, a length of 3.6m, and a weight of about 30 kg. It is light and portable. Between the three aluminum alloy plates, a submarine-use-grade sealing rubber strip is used, and the sealing performance is better. The scale and production technology of aluminum and aluminum processing industries at home and abroad have developed rapidly and reached a very high level. A large number of new aluminum alloy materials with various properties and functions, different varieties and uses have been developed; alumina, electrolytic aluminum , Aluminum alloy casting, melting and casting, rolling, extrusion, tube rolling, drawing, forging, powder making, deep processing and testing technology continue to promote new, to the direction of energy saving and consumption reduction, environmental protection and safety, streamlined continuous, high efficiency, high quality and high-end Development, has developed a large number of large-scale, precise, compact, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection, multi-function, fully automatic aluminum and aluminum processing technology and equipment, large-scale, group, large-scale, modern and internationalized into modern aluminum and aluminum processing One of the important signs of an enterprise. Industries and products will be adjusted vigorously, enterprise systems and mechanisms will continue to innovate, technological progress will be accelerated, and management will be modernized, automated, informatized, scientific, efficient and internationally integrated.
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