How to visually identify the quality of aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-09-13
The quality of aluminum profiles directly affects the sealing performance and mechanical properties of the overall products of doors, windows and curtain walls. How do aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers intuitively identify the quality of the profiles when purchasing aluminum profiles, or the aluminum alloy and curtain wall manufacturers that use good quality profiles? How to simply and intuitively explain to consumers that the profile is of good quality at the terminal? Now I will teach you a few tricks.  1. Look at the cross-section color of the aluminum profile. The cross-section of the aluminum profile is silvery white, and the reflected light is stronger. Because the aluminum ingots used at this time are of high purity, little or no scrap aluminum is added during casting. The high-purity aluminum ingot is A00 aluminum ingot, with aluminum content ≥99.7%. If the surface color is dim, it is mostly caused by adding more scrap aluminum.  2. Look at the surface treatment, especially when it comes to metallic colors,    aluminum profiles with poor quality, insufficient content not up to standard, and excessive scrap aluminum will not only reduce the strength of the aluminum, but also the quality of the surface treatment. In particular, the surface treatment is metallic, such as BMW gold, which is more obvious. It can be irradiated with light. Good quality profiles have a fine surface. The reflective particles are fine and uniform. The texture is good. Poor quality profiles are prone to surface pitting. , Chromatic aberration and other defects.  3, look at the flatness   check whether the surface of the profile is dented or bulged, the surface of a good profile should be smooth and bright. However, poor quality aluminum profiles have defects such as dents and bends on the surface due to backward equipment or poor composition. 4. Look at the profile whose surface film thickness has been oxidized or other surface treatments. Use a smooth hard object to scratch the surface, then gently wipe the scratch with your hand and observe. If the scratch cannot be wiped off, the thickness of the oxide film on the surface of the profile is indicated. Insufficient, the aluminum substrate has been marked, if it can be easily wiped off, it means that the thickness of the oxide film on the surface of the profile is qualified.
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