Linear Motor Module Aluminum Profile

by:Zeyi     2021-07-02
Linear motor modules can be divided into three categories according to different drive components, belt-type linear modules, ball screw-type linear modules and linear motor modules. The belt-type linear modules include belts, linear guides, and aluminum alloys. Profiles, motors, photoelectric switches, etc.; ball screw type linear module components include ball screws, linear guides, aluminum alloy profiles, ball screw supports, couplings, motors, photoelectric switches, etc.; linear motor modules are composed Some include aluminum alloy profiles, sliders, movers, stators, grating scales, Hall sensors, linear guides, etc. Let's briefly introduce the aluminum alloy profiles in the linear motor module. profiles were originally called industrial assembly line aluminum profiles, because early industrial aluminum profile profiles were used in automated assembly line factories, such as assembly line workbenches, assembly line equipment hoods, and so on. The advantages of using industrial aluminum profile profiles are: 1. The assembly line aluminum profiles have many varieties, complete specifications, moderate prices, and a wide range of applications. 2. Light unit weight, good mechanical performance, high connection strength and large carrying capacity. 3. Standard size, strict tolerance, beautiful appearance, good finish, anti-corrosion. 4. It is dedicated, does not require welding, is more environmentally friendly, and is extremely convenient to install, disassemble, carry and move. The above is the related introduction of linear motor module aluminum, I hope it can be helpful to you, if you want to know more about aluminum modules for modules, welcome to consult!
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