List of materials for customized aluminum profile protective hood

by:Zeyi     2021-09-06
It is very simple to customize an aluminum profile protective hood. There are also many customers who produce automatic assembly lines who are constantly customizing industrial aluminum profile profile protective hoods. What is the list of materials for custom-made aluminum profile protective hoods? Let's take a look at what materials are needed for custom-made aluminum profile protective hoods? First of all, aluminum profiles. I believe you also know that an important part of aluminum profile protective hoods is aluminum alloy profiles, referred to as aluminum profiles. Because of the bearing weight and frame structure, the aluminum profiles used in the general aluminum profile protective cover are 6060 aluminum profile, 4040 aluminum profile and 3030 aluminum profile. The second is the plate part. Generally, acrylic and other plates are selected for the surrounding area, and the bottom is a patterned steel plate or a stainless steel plate, which is relatively firm and stable. In addition to profiles and plates, the aluminum profile connectors are generally the largest part of the material list of the aluminum profile protective hood. Like bolts and nuts, corner pieces, grooved strip connectors, moldings, casters, hoof feet, angle brackets, end cap seals, handles, door suction angle aluminum, etc., generally every aluminum profile protective hood will be used. The list of materials for the aluminum profile protective hood is based on the above selection. All aluminum profile technical engineers produce drawings and designs and then list the list. The selected materials are both economical and practical.
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