New radiator selection skills

by:Zeyi     2021-07-06
Traditional radiator products have poor heat dissipation performance. The appearance is one. The new aluminum radiator is not only exquisite in appearance, but also in various shapes, which is deeply loved by consumers. While pursuing the humanization of shape and color, we also need to master some new types of heat dissipation. Basic common sense and skills in the purchase of electrical appliances. 1. Product material Most of the radiator products on the market are made of steel, copper, stainless steel and other materials. In fact, the thermal efficiency of the four radiators of iron, steel, aluminum and copper is not much different. We can according to personal preference To choose which material to buy the radiator. 2. Understand the production process of the product. There are many radiator products, and the process flow of radiator products of different brands is also different. The difference in the production process of new radiator products is mainly reflected in the surface spraying treatment and internal anti-corrosion treatment. (1) Surface spraying treatment: The new type of radiator has its own characteristics in terms of material, production process, use function, etc., so there are higher requirements in terms of surface treatment. Radiators generally use new cathodic electrophoresis for surface spraying. After the cathodic electrophoresis coating, the surface is full and clean, with bright colors, and also improves product performance. (2) Internal anti-corrosion treatment: On the one hand, the manufacturer chooses steel, copper, aluminum and other materials with better anti-corrosion performance, and on the other hand, it chooses better internal anti-corrosion coatings to solve the problem. The radiator products using this coating form a protective film, which has the effect of anti-corrosion, and makes the radiator longer life and lasting. Finally, we have to pay attention to the product label when purchasing new aluminum alloy radiator products. Some regular manufacturers will perform laser marking on the product. We must pay attention to the label and shelf life when buying.
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