Performance analysis of powder spraying on aluminum profile

by:Zeyi     2021-06-12
After powder coating, aluminum profiles have many advantages such as high corrosion resistance, diversified colors, and good surface texture, which echoes with different exterior wall coatings to build colorful buildings. The following is the performance analysis of aluminum profile powder spraying:    1. The higher the purity, the better the corrosion resistance. As we all know, pure aluminum reacts with oxygen in the air and produces a thin, dense natural oxide film on the surface of the aluminum. , It is faster and thicker than other metal oxide films, which prevents harmful gases and moisture in the air from corroding and plays a protective role. 2. Although pure aluminum has good corrosion resistance, it has poor mechanical strength, which restricts the application of aluminum to a certain extent. Therefore, people add appropriate amounts of other metals such as magnesium, copper and zinc to aluminum to make various types The mechanical strength of aluminum alloy is high, which greatly improves the mechanical strength of aluminum, and the application range is greatly expanded. Although aluminum alloy has high mechanical strength, its corrosion resistance is worse than pure aluminum, so it may be corroded due to oxidation. This requires powder coating to protect the aluminum alloy profile. Aluminum alloy has been widely used in building doors, windows, curtain walls and other products for many years because of its small specific gravity, easy processing, and high mechanical strength.
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