Performance and use of 6060 industrial aluminum profile

by:Zeyi     2021-09-24
Due to the rapid industrial development of conventional assembly line industrial aluminum profiles in recent years, the application range is also very wide. profile cross-sections are also developed in a variety of ways, not only the conventional European standard profiles, national standard profiles, but also some newly developed special customized profiles, which are also called non-standard profiles and open model profiles. What I want to share with you today is a type of 6060 industrial aluminum profile among conventional assembly line industrial aluminum profiles and what frames it can make. I believe that through the electronic sample books of various aluminum profile manufacturers or the information on the Internet, you can more or less understand that the 6060 profile is an aluminum alloy profile with a cross-sectional size of 60*60mm, and the unit weight is 2.8kg and 3.1kg, etc. European standard 6060 aluminum profile also has national standard 6060 aluminum profile. So what kind of aluminum profile frame can 6060 aluminum profile make? This needs to analyze its bearing capacity, because the cross section is relatively large, the bearing capacity of 6060 aluminum profile is much larger than that of general small cross-section profiles. For example, some large clean room frames, heavy machinery and equipment brackets, and the keel of some ships can all use 6060 aluminum profiles. To put it bluntly, 6060 aluminum profiles can be selected for high load-bearing capacity requirements. There are many mysteries of aluminum profiles, and any profile has unlimited possibilities. If you need to customize the aluminum profile frame and don't want to simply use 6060 industrial aluminum profile profiles, we can use 3060 profiles and 3030 profiles in combination to achieve the same effect.
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