Points to note in aluminum stamping

by:Zeyi     2021-05-29
Because the raw material is too soft compared to the metal material, the price of aluminum stamping is relatively expensive, and it is very easy to break and some aluminum products require post-production processing, such as metal drawing, anodizing, etc., aluminum profile processing is in the stamping production process It is very easy to cause top damage and scratches. At the level of mold production, it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects: according to the condition of not jeopardizing the number of projects, the punching should be ranked as far as possible behind the project punching, and even for the total number of punching For more products, one more project can be considered and the punching should be arranged behind. The aluminum material is too soft and the mold is easily blocked by the material. Therefore, when the design plan mold is placed in the gap, a gap of 10% of the thickness of the polygonal material must be placed. The depth of the wound is more suitable for 2MM, and the smoothness is suitable for 0.8-1°. When the sheet metal is bent and formed, because the aluminum material is very easy to cause aluminum shavings when the sheet metal is bent, it will cause spot damage and embossing of the aluminum alloy profile. The aluminum raw material needs to be pasted with a PE film. Under the condition of the roller and the electroplating process, The shaped block is preferably polished and plated with hard chrome. For stamping parts that need to be produced after anodization, if there is a flattening and flattening process of 180°, the product cannot be completely pressed. Thorough pressing will cause acid spitting. It is necessary to leave a 0.2-0.3mm seam to facilitate the acid solution. Discharge immediately, so limit switch blocks must be made in the process flow and the mold height must be calibrated above the mold. Because the aluminum material is brittle and easy to crack, especially in the case of flanging, it is not necessary to make the thread as much as possible. Even if it is to be done, the thread should be made wider and lighter. All aluminum profile processing wounds are required to be cut with slow-moving silk threads to prevent burrs and blanking from undesirable conditions. Aluminum parts are very easy to cause high temperatures. Therefore, the punch strength is specified above 60°, and SKD11 materials are used less, and there should be no D2 difference. Qualitative punch. The aluminum material is too soft, so it is very easy to cause top damage, crushing, scratches, and deformation during stamping production. In addition to the requirements on the aluminum alloy profile mold, the following aspects should be ensured during stamping production: If you want to do a good job in the processing of aluminum profiles and reduce the rate of failure, you must first do a good job of 5S, which is very clean, including molds, high-speed punching cabinet countertops, production lines and packaging products must ensure that there are no sharp dirt, no dirt, and clear on time. For remediation, the left and right sides of the mold must be cleaned and clean, free of dirt. If you find that the product has large burrs, you must immediately send the mold for repair and follow up to the result. Aluminum parts are easy to be hot, and the inventory is overstocked together and become hard. Therefore, when punching and cutting, it is necessary to apply a little bit of pressure on the raw material before pressing. For products with more punching holes, ensure that the surface of the mold is cleaned once to ensure that the mold and the product are always clean and free of dirt, and to reduce the top damage. If the top damage is found, the difficult point of the die top damage must be found and processed before it can be manufactured again. Flattening the mold and pushing block will cause aluminum scraps, so the aluminum scraps under the pushing block must be cleaned after the daily production of the pushing block.
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