Points to note in the heat treatment process of aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-05-17
In daily life, the application of aluminum is more and more. Therefore, the market demand for aluminum is very large, so more and more companies are producing this kind of products. Special attention should be paid to aluminum when heat treatment, and there are many points of attention. Let me tell you about the points of attention in the heat treatment process of aluminum materials: a. The temperature rise rate of the high temperature section should be fast, and the heat preservation time should not be too long to prevent the extrusion die from overheating or overheating. Overheating-coarse grains, overburning-dissolution of low melting point elements and inclusions.  B. After quenching, the aluminum extrusion die should be tempered in time to prevent cracks. If cracks occur, it will affect the quality of the product. c. After the extrusion die heat treatment, if the hardness is not enough or the hardness is not uniform, it should be annealed, and the heat treatment should be performed again according to the process. When cutting the aluminum extrusion die hole working belt, the current is not easy to be too large to prevent the molten layer from being too thick because of melting The layer is one of the main reasons for the brittle spalling of the die hole working zone. The machining discharge gap is controlled at 0.01mm. When the EDM extrusion die is working with an empty knife, the current is not easy to be too large to prevent burns on the machined surface. The discharge gap is controlled. In the range of 0.05~0.1mm, when roughing the knife, remove the electrode and grind it at 1mm from the highest point of the working belt. Correct the working surface of the electrode to a curved surface according to the width of the working belt of the die hole, change the polarity, and perform the finishing process. It can ensure that the processing is in place, and the vertical surface of the empty knife is smooth and smooth, reducing the surface mold line of the product. The attention points we introduced during the heat treatment of aluminum are very important. These attention points will directly affect the quality of the subsequent products, so the operator must pay attention to the subsequent operations. To the issues we introduced. As a manufacturer of industrial aluminum profile profiles, we mainly provide industrial aluminum profile profiles and other products. Our after-sales service is very thoughtful. If you have other questions, you can contact our staff at any time.
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