Practical application of industrial aluminum profile processing manufacturers in the aviation industry

by:Zeyi     2021-06-01
The use of aluminum profiles in the aviation industry has a long history. This is due to the fact that aluminum alloys can achieve very high compressive strength through heat treatment processes, but the net weight is lighter; it is very easy to bend and mechanically processed, and costs The fee is cheap. Because of this, it has become a common raw material in the contemporary aviation industry, and is commonly used to produce contemporary commercial quadcopters and military quadcopters. Generally speaking, the aluminum alloys used as parts of aviation quadcopters are all heat-treatable. For example, 7075, 7040, and 7050 groups of other aluminum alloys have a key influence on the prefabricated components of aviation quadcopters. Some Al-Li aluminum alloys, such as 2090 and 8090, have also been used. Such aluminum alloys are often widely used because they are more common and very easy to form. In addition, they can obtain high compressive strength and high corrosion resistance after heat treatment. Recently, everyone is concerned about how to make 7075 and 7040 aluminum alloy plates less costly for casting steel parts according to the heat treatment process. Manufacturers of aircraft frames have carried out trials in the manufacture of this type of aluminum alloy plate (an additional heat treatment process for rolling aluminum). The aluminum alloy plate is assembled into large and medium-sized wing ribs and bulkheads after being processed by super heavy machinery. The advantage of this kind of processing technology depends on preventing the heat treatment process of small parts and the manipulation of stronger deformation and internal stress, but the disadvantage is that the existing performance will change along the thickness of the aluminum plate. Because of the working capacity of machinery and equipment, castings are sometimes used, but their use is relatively limited, so it depends on the design scheme and the ductility of castings is relatively limited. The selection of structural raw materials in the aircraft design plan should have high strength and specific bending rigidity to relieve the aircraft’s net weight, improve navigation performance or increase economic benefits, and should also have excellent processability, which is conducive to making necessary parts. Simply put, because aluminum alloy is light in quality, high in compressive strength, convenient in production and processing, and relatively cost-effective, all kinds of aircraft use aluminum alloy as the key structural raw material. The aluminum alloy used in the aviation industry is generally called aviation aluminum alloy. It has a series of advantages such as high strength, good production processing and formability, low cost and good maintainability. It is widely used as raw materials for aircraft main engineering. In the future, the new generation of aircraft will be improved in the design schemes of flight speed, structural fat reduction and concealment, which will greatly improve the strength, specific bending rigidity, damage tolerance performance, manufacturing cost and structural integration of aviation aluminum alloys. .
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