Precautions for aluminum alloy spraying operations

by:Zeyi     2021-10-04
The position of the spray gun The spray gun should maintain a certain inclination and be biased towards the direction of the profile. The spray guns should be arranged vertically parallel, and the end parts should be kept in a straight line. There should be no overlap between the spray guns. The upper and lower spray guns It is advisable to cover all profiles with powder. Control of fluidized air pressure The function of fluidized bed is to use airflow to form a proper fluidized state of powder. The feel is similar to the state of liquid flowing. It is the simplest to detect the full state of fluidization. The operation is: when the powder is stirred by hand or stick, no resistance is felt. Fluidization is convenient for the powder to be sucked into the catheter. Under the action of accelerating wind, the effect of atomization is produced. Insufficient pressure or excessive pressure will cause insufficient fluidization to produce powder recovery and reuse. Powder recovery and reuse, adsorption on the surface of the profile The powder only accounts for about 1/3 of the powder output of all spray guns. There is a lot of powder scattered in the spray booth. The recycled powder must be mixed with the newly added powder in an appropriate ratio. The effect is better, so the powder should be recycled and reused in time. The closedness of the spray booth in the room is that the powder is easily polluted by suspended air from the outside. After spraying, the surface of the profile is prone to flocculation or shrinkage. After baking, the flatness of the surface of the profile is affected, so the spray The house should be enclosed to prevent the intrusion of pollutants. The residual powder in the trachea should be cleaned up in time. If it is not used for a long time, it is easy to agglomerate, and the powder is prone to spit powder, which affects the spraying effect. Maintenance work such as dust and moisture prevention must be done to ensure the quality of the remaining powder in the powder bucket. The powder filling operation should also be paid attention to. Although the various technical parameters have been debugged before the production is normal, the profile must be constantly monitored through the powder filling window, and the powder is found to be shallow and not adsorbed. Replenish powder in time. Since the powder output of the manual friction gun is larger than that of the automatic gun, the hand swing speed of the manual friction gun can be appropriately increased. In addition, due to the influence of the structure of some profiles, there are some blind spots in the powder spraying process. Even if the powder is filled, the normal effect cannot be achieved. These positions should be distinguished, and the powder must not be blindly filled, otherwise there is too much powder and the film is coated. Thickness affects the surface quality of the profile and wastes powder. This position is mostly located on the profile with a deep groove and a narrow width. Most of these grooves are located on the non-decorative surface of the profile. The overall appearance of the profile is not very significant, because the two opposite sides of the groove are located The same pole and the distance is too close, forming a mutually repulsive electric field, that is, the Faraday shielding effect, which hinders the adsorption of powder inside the groove. The operation of the oven (curing oven) should pay attention to the problems during the production process of the oven. In the powder coating production process, due to the limitation of the production line, the running time of the profile in the oven completes the entire baking process, although the oven The operating procedure is relatively simple, but the process parameter control requirements are relatively strict, such as conveyor belt running speed and furnace temperature control. The running speed can be controlled by adjusting the frequency of the inverter motor. The furnace temperature control involves a key point. It lies in the adjustment of the air supply pressure. The air supply pressure is required to be stable at about 1kg/cm2. To achieve this requirement, pipeline gas is generally used, and a pressurizer is used to continuously adjust the air supply pressure to ensure the normal operation of the combustion device.
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