Precautions for Aluminum Alloy Welding

by:Zeyi     2021-10-30
Aluminum alloy is widely used in industrial products because of its good physical properties. However, due to improper selection of welding methods and welding process parameters, the entire aluminum alloy machine is welded to produce significant deformation due to excessive stress, or because Weld pores, slag inclusion, incomplete penetration and other shortcomings cause weld metal cracks or fluffy materials, which greatly affect the product quality and performance. Next, the editor will introduce aluminum alloy welding methods and matters needing attention in aluminum alloy welding. Aluminum alloy welding method 1. Argon tungsten arc welding is mainly used for aluminum alloys. It is a better welding method, but the argon tungsten arc welding equipment is relatively complex and not suitable for operation in the open air. 2. Resistance spot welding and seam welding may be used to weld thin aluminum alloy plates with a thickness of less than 5mm. However, the equipment used in welding is relatively complex, with high welding current and high productivity, which is especially suitable for mass production of parts and components. 3. Pulse argon arc welding Pulse argon arc welding may well improve the firmness in the welding process and may adjust the parameters to control the arc power and weld shape. The weldment has small deformation and small heat-affected zone. It is especially suitable for thin plates, all-position welding and other occasions, as well as the welding of forged aluminum, duralumin, super duralumin, etc. with strong heat sensitivity. Precautions for aluminum alloy welding 1. Clean the aluminum alloy name before welding the aluminum alloy. There should be no oil stains, dust, etc., and acetone may be used to clean the aluminum alloy welding surface. The thick aluminum alloy should be cleaned with a wire brush, and then Wash with acetone. Aluminum wholesale manufacturers are used in occasions that require high corrosion resistance, good weldability and medium strength, such as ships, automobiles, airplanes, cryogenic equipment, TV towers, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile parts and decks, etc. . 2. When welding aluminum alloy, the aluminum alloy name must be cleaned first, and there must be no oily smoke, dust, etc., and thick aluminum alloy must be cleaned with a wire brush, and then acetone is added to clean it. 3. If the plates may be preheated after comparison, it is possible to avoid insufficient preheating and result in impermeable welding. When closing the arc, use a small current to close the arc and fill the pit. The most widely used non-ferrous metal structure material in the aluminum alloy industry. It has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industries. Wholesale round bars belong to the category of long products and bars. The so-called stainless steel round steel refers to long products with a uniform circular cross section, generally about four meters in length. 4. The welding must be standard, and the welding should be based on the thickness of the plate. 5. The cable of the welding gun should not be too long. If it is too long, it will cause the wire to be firmly fed.
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