Precautions for assembling the mask machine frame with aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-03
Many customers only purchase the required mask machine equipment profiles from aluminum profile manufacturers and install them in the factory themselves. This way, the bulk purchase of profiles is more favorable, convenient for transportation, and saves corporate costs. So the question is, what should I pay attention to when assembling aluminum mask machine equipment? Let's give you a detailed introduction. 1. Before assembling the mask machine equipment, it is necessary to clearly know how to use the aluminum profile specifications and accessories. Have a rough outline in mind according to the installation drawing, so that you can know it during installation. Before installation, the number of aluminum profiles and accessories should be counted, and a few more sets of accessories should be equipped to prevent insufficient situations. 2. The installation process of the aluminum mask machine equipment is very simple, no welding is required, and the use time is solid. When installing, pay attention to the order of installation, from bottom to top. During installation, a soft cloth needs to be laid on the ground to prevent scratches on the surface of the aluminum profile during installation. When installing, use professional installation tools, such as rubber hammers, hexagonal wrenches, etc., to reduce the damage of accessories. 3. After the mask machine is installed, the surface should be cleaned, and the oily areas should be scrubbed with alcohol. After the installation is completed, check the frame stability, and if there is shaking or unreasonable structure, communicate with the profile manufacturer in time to solve it. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, a large number of masks are needed throughout the country and abroad. Therefore, the supply of mask machines for the production of masks is in short supply. If you need to purchase a large number of custom-made mask machine aluminum profiles and aluminum trays, please contact. Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of aluminum profiles in China. The key manufacturer is an enterprise with modern production technology and passed international quality system certification and product quality certification. Since the establishment of the company, the company's products are now widely used in various fields of production, life, and medical care to provide high-quality products and perfect services to many well-known domestic and foreign companies, scientific research institutes and universities.
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