Precautions for custom aluminum profile stepping platform

by:Zeyi     2021-09-01
step walking platform can also be called aluminum alloy climbing ladder, industrial maintenance platform, aluminum climbing ladder and so on. It is made of industrial aluminum profiles for the structure, and it needs to be matched with a different material anti-skid board. The aluminum profile walking platform can not only be used as a fixed passage between two planes with different heights, but also can be used as a platform for mobile mechanical equipment maintenance. The aluminum step walking platform is a kind of work ladder that can be fixed at a high place. There is no fixed size and size, and the material can be selected and customized according to your actual needs. What are the matters needing attention when customizing aluminum profiles? 1. There are many specifications and models of industrial aluminum profile profiles. Different aluminum alloy profiles are used in different places. For example, when customizing the aluminum alloy profile to walk on the treadmill, the aluminum profile of the main load-bearing structure needs to use large-size aluminum alloy profiles, such as 90 series and 100 series aluminum alloy profiles. However, we can use slightly lighter aluminum profiles for the guardrail and the pedal part. For example, 3030 industrial aluminum profiles and 4040 aluminum alloy profiles. The aluminum alloy profile walking platform made of such materials has better strength and lighter weight. 2. The inclination angle of the stepped stairs: Customize according to the actual situation. Generally, the inclination angle of the ladder is between 45 degrees and 60 degrees. The 45-degree angle is more ergonomic and easy to climb up and down. And 60 degrees is a better angle when the space is relatively limited. 3. The choice of anti-skid board The material choice of pedal anti-skid board is mostly aluminum alloy striped board, anti-skid grade R10, generally anti-skid. Aluminum alloy grille, anti-slip grade R12, suitable for industries with high anti-slip grade. There is also an aluminum alloy crocodile mouth punching plate with a non-slip grade of R13, which is suitable for use in occasions with a lot of oil. 4. The span and load-bearing of the aluminum profile walking platform. If the span is relatively large, more load-bearing support is needed. If the conditions do not allow additional load-bearing support, we can also use large-size aluminum profiles for processing. Otherwise, the aluminum profile is very prone to bending deformation. The above is the content. If you want to customize aluminum profiles, you can come to consult. For 16 years, aluminum profile manufacturers have provided selection guidance, drawing drawing and design solutions. Welcome to consult.
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