Precautions for customizing 3030 industrial aluminum profile frame

by:Zeyi     2021-09-05
There are many kinds of materials for custom-made equipment frames, but in recent years, more and more custom-made industrial aluminum profiles have been chosen, of course because of its high cost performance and long service life. There are also many projects of 3030 industrial aluminum profile customized equipment frame. Here we will popularize the three issues that should be paid attention to in 3030 industrial aluminum profile customized frame. 1. When installing, pay attention to the use of accessory connectors that match the 3030 industrial aluminum profile. For example, the accessories for the profile with the notch of 6mm and the notch of 8mm are different. 2. The installation of aluminum profile frame projects according to the drawings should be done step by step, divided into categories, and orderly. Here we need to consider this installation step and the entire installation process. 3. Because there are several types of 3030 industrial aluminum profile profiles that are very similar in cross section, attention should be paid to the selection of materials to prevent the different stress conditions from causing the project to not meet the standards. [:] In short, if you use 3030 industrial aluminum profile profile to customize the equipment frame, you must pay attention to the three elements of material selection, connection and installation. Because there are several specifications of 3030 aluminum profile, although the cross-section size is the same, the standard is different, and the slot size is different. Therefore, no matter the material selection, connection or installation, it is necessary to be very careful to ensure the timely delivery and integrity of the project.
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