Precautions for industrial aluminum profile processing

by:Zeyi     2021-08-19
Today's industrial aluminum profile processing refers to deep processing services, including cutting, drilling, tapping, installation, milling and so on. So what should be paid attention to in these processing steps? Let's explain it to you. The deep processing of industrial aluminum profile profiles is a manifestation of the strength of aluminum profile manufacturers. Different manufacturers have different profiles, including precision, error, aesthetics, cleanliness, and so on. This processing experience requires a long time to accumulate, so it is necessary to find a processing factory with a long time in the industry. Cutting includes length cutting and angle cutting. There is no charge for length cutting greater than 1 meter. Length cutting must ensure the accuracy of cutting, within ±0.5mm, and after cutting, ensure the flatness of the cutting plane, without burrs, and clean up aluminum chips. The error of angle cutting is within ±1 degree, otherwise there will be gaps when assembling, which will affect the appearance. Aluminum profile cutting, punching and tapping must be carried out in accordance with the drawings. Pay attention to the size of the processed holes to prevent the profile from being punched. Pay attention to the use of lubricating oil during processing, and pay attention to the cleaning of aluminum chips after processing. When tapping and installing aluminum profiles, pay attention to the use of professional installation tools, including hex wrenches, rubber hammers, etc. Professional installation tools can prevent bolts from being screwed or the profile surface bumping. When milling grooves, pay attention to the size, position, depth, etc. of the milling grooves, and ensure that the milling grooves are the same as the drawing position, so that there will be no errors during installation. The above is the content of 'Precautions for the processing of industrial aluminum profiles'. If you have any questions, please come to consult. Aluminum profile manufacturers for more than 15 years have provided design solutions. Welcome to consult.
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