Precautions for punching aluminum profile

by:Zeyi     2021-06-07
Today, let’s talk about the precautions for drilling aluminum profiles. First of all, the choice of the drill bit must be correct. The drill bit is generally made of cemented carbide. This alloy drill has high drilling precision, high efficiency and long life. There are four main types of common cemented carbide drill bits in machining: solid cemented carbide drills, cemented carbide indexable insert drills, welded cemented carbide drills, and replaceable-bit cemented carbide drills. The solid carbide drill bit is commonly used in aluminum profile processing, because this kind of drill bit has a centering function and the types are relatively complete. And deep holes can be processed, and the processing accuracy is relatively high. Even if the drill bit is not sharp, it can be re-sharpened and reused, which saves costs. Choosing a handy drill bit also needs to locate the aluminum profile, and the positioning accuracy is high and the machining accuracy is high. We generally use computer numerical control positioning on CNC machining centers with high accuracy. If it is manual drilling positioning, we will generally make a holed reference object first, and then place the reference object on the aluminum profile workpiece that needs to be punched. Overlap with it, and then use a punching device to punch the aluminum profile workpiece below through the holes of the reference object, which can improve efficiency. As the hardness of aluminum alloy profile is not as high as that of hard metal, it is relatively soft, so the difficulty of punching is relatively low and it is easy to punch. However, low hardness can also cause burrs to easily appear. The burrs are generally on the edge of the hole, so the aluminum profile needs to be removed after drilling the hole. It is also very convenient to use a special deburring knife.
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