Precautions for the operation of industrial aluminum extrusion press

by:Zeyi     2021-04-23
Before using the extruder for industrial aluminum processing, we need to perform an inspection of the extruder itself. When the inspection is okay, the following operations can be carried out. 1. First check whether the hydraulic system of the extruder is leaking and whether the air pressure is normal. 2. Whether the conveyor belt, cooling bed, and storage platform are damaged or scratched on the industrial aluminum profile, if there is, please deal with it in time so as not to affect the production of the product. 3. Before stretching, confirm the length of the aluminum profile to pre-determine the stretching rate. To determine the stretching length is to move the main chuck to the position, usually the 6063T5 stretch rate is 0.5%-1%, and 6061T6 stretch The rate is 0.8%-1.5%. At this time, the elongation rate is determined according to different series of industrial aluminum profile materials. 4. Then confirm the clamping method according to the shape of the aluminum profile. For those large-section hollow profiles, you can insert stretch pads, but try to ensure a sufficient clamping area. The last point is that the aluminum profile can only be stretched when it cools to below 50°C. The work efficiency and service life of industrial aluminum extrusion presses are closely related to the installation of industrial aluminum extrusion presses. The equipment foundation of general industrial aluminum extrusion presses must be able to bear the weight and weight of the equipment itself. In addition to the weight of the raw materials used in the production, it also bears the power load of the industrial aluminum extrusion press when it is working. Therefore, the installation of the equipment needs to be carried out in accordance with the corresponding installation procedures, so as to better enhance the industrial aluminum extrusion The efficiency of the machine. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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