Precautions when purchasing aluminum alloy cabinets

by:Zeyi     2021-07-22
With the successive promulgation and implementation of my country's architectural aluminum standards, aluminum alloy cabinets are becoming more and more popular. Real estate developers in various regions actively respond to the tide of architectural aluminum, and contribute to the realization of the social and economic benefits of aluminum buildings. According to incomplete statistics, the current market share of architectural aluminum cabinets has increased rapidly, accounting for 50% of the entire cabinet market. . Here are the precautions for buying aluminum alloy cabinets:    Look at the appearance color: high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows are blue-white, not white as people usually think. If the snow is white and dazzling, then this kind of profile has poor sun protection ability. After a few years of use, it will become more and more yellow until it is aging, deformed, and brittle. The reason is that the profile formula contains too much calcium. The appearance of high-quality and beautiful profiles should have a complete cross-section, smooth and undamaged, with straight inner walls and thick profile walls. Conversely, the sections with bubbles, crushing, cracks, etc. are inferior profiles, such as bumps, wavy edge profiles, etc., which have a short life and affect their appearance, and should not be purchased.   Second look at hardware accessories: The hardware selected for high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows should be made of metal, and their inherent strength, appearance, and quality should be durable. The key is to check whether the welding corners of aluminum alloy doors and windows are firm, neat and beautiful, whether the hardware is complete, and whether there is steel lining, etc.   Three look at the qualification certificate: When purchasing aluminum alloy doors and windows, be sure to check whether the manufacturer has a production license issued by the construction committee, and you must not be greedy for cheapness. The quality and service of aluminum alloy doors and windows produced by street workshops cannot be guaranteed.
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