Pretreatment method for scrap aluminum slices

by:Zeyi     2022-01-23
1) The main components of high-grade aluminum scrap with higher grades are cast aluminum alloy, alloy aluminum, pure aluminum, etc. The first two of them have many grades, and it is difficult to classify them by grades. In large secondary aluminum plants, generally After screening to remove the mixed soil, etc., it can be directly smelted into the furnace. In small secondary aluminum enterprises, such waste aluminum must be manually divided into cast aluminum alloy, alloy aluminum and pure aluminum, and then used separately. (2) Low-grade slices. For low-grade slices and burned scrap aluminum materials (the latter are generally not used in large secondary aluminum plants), more complicated sorting is required, because the composition is extremely complex, and in addition to scrap aluminum, it also contains Scrap steel, scrap copper, scrap lead and other metals, and contain other waste. The sorting of this kind of waste mainly relies on manual labor. Firstly, soil and garbage are screened out, and then sorted manually. Manual sorting is mostly carried out on the operating table. The selection is mainly based on the visual inspection and experience of the workers. The non-metallic scrap is first sorted, and then the scrap metal is sorted. Among them, the selection of scrap copper and scrap pure aluminum is particularly careful. To increase production value, pure aluminum scrap, such as scrap aluminum wire, is the raw material for adjusting the composition of secondary aluminum smelting. The separated aluminum scrap is mixed and generally no longer subdivided. At present, the pretreatment of domestic scrap aluminum has basically not been mechanized and automated. It mainly relies on cheap labor. The tools used are magnets and steel foils. Based on experience, this sorting method has low efficiency, poor quality and high cost. In addition, most of the scrap non-ferrous metals such as copper in the scrap aluminum are contaminated, and manual sorting is difficult and has fallen far behind. It is necessary to research and promote advanced scrap aluminum pretreatment technology. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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