Problems that often occur when aluminum extrusion presses work

by:Zeyi     2021-06-05
It is normal for the aluminum extrusion press to have some minor problems during the production of aluminum profiles. What we can do is to deal with these problems in time. Today, I will sort out three common problems for everyone to see if they bother you. Let’s not say much, just look at the content! 1. Why is the power failure when starting the aluminum extrusion press? We will encounter power failure when using the aluminum extrusion press, so don’t worry, sometimes It is caused by the overload of the motor. Try to reset the contactor of the electric box. Check whether the start button and the power cord are faulty. If it is normal, check the motor or other electrical accessories. 2. Why does the aluminum profile extruder change its color when it is running normally? When the aluminum profile extruder is running normally, the color of the aluminum ingot will become lighter due to the oxidation reaction between the surface of the aluminum ingot and the oxygen in the air. This is Normal reaction, but the profile will not become weak. 3. What is the reason for the low pressure of aluminum extrusion press? In the extrusion process, the extrusion force is mainly affected by deformation resistance, processing rate, ingot length, die angle, extrusion speed, friction conditions, and extrusion barrel temperature And other factors. First determine whether it is a hydraulic pump problem, if not, check the overflow valve and tighten the pressure adjustment handwheel. Manually hit the spool of the relief valve to see if there is any pressure. The pressure should be set to 21Mpa. Are these three questions about aluminum extrusion press helpful to you? If you want to know more about aluminum extrusion press, please consult!
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