Product development and innovation direction of aluminum profile manufacturers

by:Zeyi     2021-07-14
In recent years, the direction of product development and innovation of aluminum profile manufacturers in my country has mainly been process innovation in aluminum profile production and processing. It is embodied as follows:    One is the safety and environmental protection innovation of the production process, such as chromium-free pretreatment of aluminum profile spraying, fluorocarbon powder instead of fluorocarbon paint, and alkaline sand in electrophoretic oxidation profile instead of acid sand. These treatment processes are based on aluminum profiles for many years. Under the premise of production process technology, in order to respond to environmental protection policies, but also benefit to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, innovative scientific research results have been achieved. It is understood that these new production processes have been transformed into mature productivity in some aluminum profile manufacturers with high environmental protection requirements in Guangdong, and they have been applied in large quantities in large-scale construction projects in my country. The second is the innovation of aluminum profile processing methods: in order to meet the increasingly rich spiritual and material needs of consumers, the color of aluminum profile buildings has changed from silver white and green in the 1990s to the current customized colors, that is, designers can According to the requirements of exterior facade color and interior decoration style, we can provide suppliers with swatches of any desired color. Suppliers can provide profiles of the same color with the cooperation of downstream coating suppliers.     At present, the main surface treatment methods of architectural aluminum profiles are divided into seven categories: materials (no surface treatment), oxidation, electrophoresis, powder coating, fluorocarbon paint, wood grain and composite profiles. These types of surface treatments are the most basic and traditional surface treatment methods. In recent years, in addition to materials, almost every surface treatment has its own innovation. The powder coating field also introduces Italian wood-grain spraying. Compared with traditional wood-grain transfer printing, wood-grain spraying has better weather resistance and stronger three-dimensional effect; the fluorocarbon surface has gradually changed from the traditional baking paint process to a higher recovery rate and no chemical The gas-releasing super-weather-resistant fluorocarbon powder spraying process is transformed. These new treatment processes are the result of technological innovation and will be lower in cost than traditional processes.   Composite profiles are also a combination of various materials with good thermal insulation and good decorative properties and aluminum profiles, all for the purpose of satisfying the admiration of wooden doors and windows in traditional Chinese culture.  The price of aluminum-clad wood profiles is usually higher than that of wood-clad aluminum profiles. In addition, most of the wood of aluminum-clad wood profile is solid wood, and the wood of wood-clad aluminum profile includes both solid wood and various composite woods.  Aluminum profile structure design and development  Another innovation direction is the design and development of profile structure. The design and development of the profile structure is based on the premise of hardware accessories as the support, economic and practical as the X axis, to meet the physical properties of different airtight, watertight and heat insulation as the Y axis, according to different door and window opening methods, curtain walls The structural approach is used to comprehensively consider the design process. The design and development of aluminum profile structure is an important aspect of the daily design work of aluminum profile manufacturers, mainly to respond to market competition, meet the requirements of developers and door and window sellers, and continuously improve and perfect the existing product series to achieve higher standards . The selection of aluminum profiles cannot sacrifice the performance of the entire window. Therefore, in the process of bidding for doors and windows and curtain wall projects, when selecting aluminum profiles, developers’ purchasing managers and designers often only consider the specific requirements for the aluminum profile structure to meet the various requirements of the building. Under the premise of the specification, the economics of the aluminum profile structure are emphasized, and the economic efficiency is used to determine which set of aluminum profile structure is finally selected.  From a design point of view, too much emphasis on the economics of the profile of the door and window structure is bound to sacrifice the performance of the entire window. Therefore, in the selection of series, the developer should choose a relatively mature system structure as the basis for bidding. In the later stage of cooperation, in order to ensure project progress and profile delivery time, developers, subcontractors, and aluminum profile suppliers should have clear and specific schedule nodes to avoid forming a large backlog of profiles and finished products for subcontractors. It can also effectively guarantee the delivery cycle of aluminum profiles.  Doors and windows are the eyes of the building, and their quality is directly related to the facade effect of the entire project and the owner’s sense of living experience. Aluminum profiles play a decisive role in it. When architects have high standards for aluminum profiles, aluminum profile manufacturers will respond with high-quality quality to improve the quality of doors and windows.
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