Production and installation of industrial aluminum profile protective fence

by:Zeyi     2021-07-13
profile protective fences are mostly used in equipment maintenance and industrial site maintenance. The common ones are composed of aluminum profile and galvanized (sprayed) mesh. Aluminum profile plus aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate and plexiglass can also be used. All materials are selected according to actual needs and procurement budgets. So how is the production and installation of industrial aluminum profile protective fences smoothly produced? 1. Design of protective fence: profile fences need to be designed reasonably, have a stable structure, and do not waste materials and costs; 2. Control the quality of protective fences: cannot be used Scrap aluminum to reduce production costs. The fence is mainly made of profile parts and mesh or aluminum alloy plates, aluminum-plastic panels, acrylic glass, PV panels, etc.; 3. Installation of protective fences: protective fence manufacturers need to provide the installation services above. The main function of industrial aluminum profile protective fence is to maintain a good environment for production work. But we must also consider the actual needs and cost planning. Each step of design, production, and installation needs to be grasped well, so that we can truly achieve quality and quantity while controlling cost output
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