Production process of extruded aluminum profile

by:Zeyi     2021-07-07
We need to know that if you want to produce aluminum profiles, you need to use aluminum profile extrusion equipment production lines. A complete aluminum profile production line has 6 types of equipment, namely: aluminum profile extrusion machine, long rod hot shearing furnace, aluminum Alloy aging furnace, mold furnace, tractor and cooling bed are 6 types of equipment. So, do you know the order of use of these 6 types of equipment? What is the production process of extruded aluminum profiles? Let’s take a look at them together. Related content! 1. First, hoist the aluminum rod to the rack of the long rod hot shear furnace, and then spread the aluminum rod on the rack. Ensure that there is no stacking of rods, and avoid accidents and mechanical failures. 2. Standard operation of aluminum rods into the furnace, it is recommended to store 12 aluminum rods in the furnace. Carry out heating, heating at room temperature for about 3.5 hours, the temperature can reach about 480 ℃ (normal production temperature), and heat preservation for 1 hour. Ready to produce! 3. While the aluminum rod is heated, place the mold in the mold furnace for heating! (About 480℃) 4. After the aluminum rod and mold are heated and insulated, put the mold into the mold base of the extruder Inside. 5. Operate the long rod hot shear furnace to cut and transport the aluminum rod to the raw material inlet of the extruder. 6. Put the squeeze pad to operate the extruder to squeeze the raw material. 7. The profile enters the cooling air stage through the extrusion hole, and the tractor will carry out fixed-length traction and sawing. 8. The cooling bed transfer table transports the aluminum profile to the transfer station, and modulates and rectifies the aluminum profile. 9. The rectified aluminum profile is transported from the conveyor table to the finished product table for fixed-length sawing. 10. Workers will frame and transport the finished aluminum profiles to the aging furnace charging car. 16. Operate the aging furnace to push the finished aluminum profiles into the furnace for aging, at about 200°C, and hold for 2 hours. 17. After being discharged and cooled, the finished aluminum profile with ideal hardness and size up to standard is obtained. The above is a brief introduction to the 'production process of extruded aluminum profiles'. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult. We have been focusing on custom processing of industrial aluminum profile profiles for 16 years!
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