Radiator aluminum profiles advocate green and low-carbon life

by:Zeyi     2021-05-31
As people increasingly advocate green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and healthy home life concepts, the requirements for radiators are getting higher and higher, and the introduction of radiators is in line with this trend. The production cost of radiator aluminum profile is higher than other radiators, and its performance is three times that of radiators. Its service life is conservatively estimated to be thirty years, and the warranty time is four times that. These data show that the spring copper-aluminum composite radiator has been favored by users, and water leakage has been avoided during the heating period. The radiator is suitable for all water quality in our country, and it is easy to clean and light in weight. It can be hung on the wall with only a few pendants. Its good decorativeness occupies a leading position in the market. Its heat dissipation surface temperature is basically close to that of the human body, which is especially important for families with children. Aluminum alloy can be formed into various shapes by extrusion, so the appearance of the copper-aluminum composite radiator can be varied to meet the consumption concepts of different consumers. Copper-aluminum composite radiator, due to its outstanding anti-corrosion performance, wide applicability, better heat-price ratio, higher value retention rate and beautiful appearance, will become the dominant new radiator for a long time in the future. The market prospect is also very broad. With the continuous development and popularization of copper-aluminum composite radiators, it will play a greater role in the development of the industry. Economical and Decorative Due to the excellent thermal conductivity of copper and radiator aluminum profiles, the heat dissipation capacity of copper-aluminum radiators is much higher than that of other materials, and the heat-to-price ratio is much higher than that of other materials. And because copper and aluminum are non-ferrous metals, their value increases with time, so the preservation rate of copper-aluminum composite radiators is much higher than that of other materials. Energy saving and consumption reduction, low use cost. When the center distance between the inlet and outlet of the radiator and the heat conduction temperature are the same, the aluminum radiator has 2.5 times higher heat dissipation than the cast iron radiator. Because of its beautiful appearance, the heating cover can be omitted, which can reduce the heat loss by more than 30% and reduce the cost by 10 % Above, although the heat dissipation effect of aluminum radiator is slightly inferior to that of copper radiator, its weight can be greatly reduced. Since the price of aluminum is only 1/3 of the price of copper, the cost can be greatly reduced.
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