Real estate control policies are frequent, and industrial aluminum becomes a life-saving straw for enterprises?

by:Zeyi     2022-01-19
my country's aluminum profile companies can be described as walking on thin ice. Most of the major domestic aluminum profile companies produce construction profiles, and the first supplier of construction profiles is the country’s real estate developers. In the first half of the year, all provinces in the first half of the year were issued under the direction of the State Council Various 'property market regulation' have greatly reduced the output of enterprise construction profiles. Small and medium-sized enterprises are overwhelmed, either raising a white flag or thinking about change when they are poor. So some aluminum profile companies have set their sights on the industrial aluminum market.     building profiles are mainly used in the real estate construction industry, and industrial aluminum profile is widely used, mainly including building doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and all aluminum profiles except aluminum profiles for building structures. Among all industries that use industrial aluminum profile, the transportation industry is the industry that uses the most industrial aluminum. Compared with other countries, China’s aluminum profile industry started relatively slowly. Most domestic companies started with construction profiles. Coupled with the climax of the rise of real estate in the 1990s, the aluminum profile companies that walked in the front are making a lot of money, but In recent years, the state has begun to intervene in the real estate market and has begun to show various regulatory policies, resulting in a sharp decline in the number of newly built buildings, an oversupply of building profiles, and small aluminum profile companies miserable. Under the general trend of state regulation and control of real estate, many aluminum profile companies have chosen to close down to avoid risks. At the same time, more companies have taken a different approach and chose to transform. is the majority. The life-saving straw of enterprise choice.     However, compared with construction profiles, industrial aluminum has higher requirements for production technology and production equipment, and its initial start-up capital is much larger than that of construction profiles, which makes the overwhelmed enterprises even more on thin ice. However, due to the national 'Thirteenth Five-Year Plan' encouragement, companies may move forward courageously for future rich returns. From the perspective of the consumption structure of industrial aluminum, the transportation industry will continue to be the main consumption area of u200bu200bindustrial aluminum. Coupled with the country’s One Belt One Road policy, my country has already built high-speed rail for many countries, and more countries will join the Belt and Road in the future. In the policy along the way, the future development path of industrial aluminum is still relatively bright.
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