Reasons for interfering with the oxidation and coloring of aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-11-13
Everyone sees in daily life that all kinds of metal products are processed and they are also completely new. The most obvious manifestation is that they have been colored. For example, mobile phone shells, car shells, hardware parts, iron barrels, umbrellas, medals, airplanes, rockets, steel, metal boxes, etc., and there are many ways to paint, such as oxidation coloring, paint coloring, electroplating coloring and many more. However, the editor of this article from Guangzhou Oxidation Factory talks about the problem of aluminum oxidation and coloring, and analyzes the reasons that interfere with aluminum coloring: 1. There are irrelevant objects in the solution in the oxidation tank. These objects that are not related to the oxidation and coloring will greatly affect the formation of the oxide film on the aluminum surface, or the quality after the formation is not good, and even the due performance after oxidation will be lost. These unrelated objects include: divalent and trivalent aluminum ions, tin ions, copper ions, salt ions, etc., which must be eliminated in time, or minimized as much as possible. 2. There is the influence of interference coloring in the oxidation tank. For example, too much or too little salt ions, or the speed of movement is too fast or too slow, and it is not well controlled, which will have an impact. In the process of coloring, temperature is also one of the important effects. Generally speaking, the temperature should be controlled between 16 degrees and 18 degrees. If the temperature is too short, the color will not be sufficient. If the color is light, if the color is too long, the color will be too thick. There are scattered. 3. The fundamental material influence in the oxidation pond. The basic substance is the most easily neglected, such as the quality of water, the pH of the water, the cleanliness of the container, and so on. If the chlorine content in the water is too high, too acidic and too alkaline, and the container has dirt, it will also affect the oxidation and coloring. You must be prepared beforehand. In fact, in addition to the many interference reasons for the oxidation and coloring of aluminum, the oxidation and coloring of other metals and plastics also has many interference elements, which are no less than the oxidation and coloration of aluminum.
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