Reasons for not dyeing industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-08-30
In the production of industrial aluminum profile profiles, what should I do if the aluminum profiles are not dyed? The editor will tell you the reasons why industrial aluminum profiles can't be dyed:   1, the thickness of the anodic oxide film is insufficient. The solution is to check whether the anodic oxidation process is standardized and whether the temperature, voltage, conductivity and other factors are stable. If there is an abnormality, please adjust the specifications accordingly. If there is no abnormality, the oxidation time can be appropriately extended to ensure that the film thickness meets the standard.  2. The pH value of the dye solution is too high. At this time, glacial acetic acid can be used to adjust the pH value to the standard value.   3. After oxidation, the workpiece has been placed in the sink for too long. Promote timely dyeing. If this situation has occurred, you can place the workpiece in an anodizing tank or a nitric acid neutralization tank and then perform dyeing after proper activation treatment. The effect will be very good.   4. Improper selection of dyes, suitable dyes must be selected.   5. The dye has been decomposed or mildewed, and the dye needs to be replaced at this time.  6. u200bu200bThe oxidation temperature is too low, resulting in a dense film. The oxidation temperature can be increased appropriately.   7. Poor conductivity. Possibly the anode copper rod or the cathode lead plate has poor contact. Pay attention to cleaning the anode copper rod and cathode lead plate to ensure good conduction.   The above are some of the reasons why industrial aluminum profile profiles cannot be dyed. I hope to be helpful.
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