Reasons for the formation of inferior aluminum alloy profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-09-19
The wall thickness of inferior aluminum alloy profiles is far lower than the national mandatory standards, and some even bend the aluminum alloy profiles as soon as they are broken by hand. In order to save costs, some buildings use a large number of unqualified aluminum alloy profiles. This type of profile does not indicate the name of the factory, the site, or the production license number. The unqualified aluminum alloy profiles are caused by humans. The main problems are manifested in three aspects:    First, the manufacturer aims to reduce production costs. Cutting corners in the production process, or using unqualified molds, directly cause the wall thickness of the aluminum alloy profile to be stressed;    The second is that the manufacturer does not strictly control the raw materials, and the content of chemical elements in the raw materials does not meet the specified content requirements. Or when the raw materials are used for processing, the chemical element content of the aluminum alloy profile is seriously exceeded;    The third is that the concentration of the solution used by the manufacturer during the aluminum alloy profile coating process is not prepared in accordance with the specified requirements. The determination of the concentration is not timely and accurate, resulting in a thinner oxide film that does not reach the standard thickness. The unqualified indicators will directly affect the performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows, sliding doors and other products.
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