Reasons for the price changes of industrial aluminum profile accessories in 2019

by:Zeyi     2021-09-28
Friends doing market research will find that although the current tax point in our country has dropped to 13%, the prices of many of our products, such as industrial aluminum profile fittings, have increased, which has caused many customers to not understand. After reading this article, I believe that customers will understand the reasons for the changes in the price of industrial aluminum profile parts. profile accessories are an indispensable part of the products in the aluminum profile frame. For seamless combined installation, it is inseparable from the support of aluminum profile related accessories. Such as the horizontal groove strip connecting piece, the vertical angle piece, and some related matching bolts and nuts. The main reasons for the increase in the price of aluminum parts are in three aspects: 1. The price of raw materials for industrial aluminum parts has risen. Most of the parts of aluminum profiles are made of aluminum alloy, such as grooves, corner pieces, lifting eyes, brackets, etc. Wait. As the cost of aluminum alloy increases, the price of accessories will also increase. 2. The processing cost of industrial aluminum profile parts is rising. In the 21st century, what is the most expensive? Of course, the labor cost is the most expensive. The increase in labor costs has also led to an increase in the price of accessories. As we all know, many parts require manual processing. Even machine-processed things require human inspection. 3. Increased environmental protection efforts have led to increased factory costs. In recent years, our country’s environmental protection requirements for factories have become higher and higher, which has caused factories to increase environmental protection efforts to save energy and reduce emissions, and productivity and other aspects are limited, and the total cost has risen. Therefore, the price of accessories will naturally rise. In summary, although the value-added tax point is now 13, the price of accessories has risen. But if you are looking for a powerful manufacturer, like, the price of their accessories has not risen. Because their main products are industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum profile molds, customized aluminum profile frames, etc., the price of accessories is very low.
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