Relevant knowledge of special aluminum profile for mask machine

by:Zeyi     2021-09-17
This year began with the resumption of work. Mask machines have always been active in aluminum profile factories. Why do you say that? This is mainly because the mask machine, except for the mechanical production part, is provided by aluminum profile manufacturers, the most important of which is the mask machine frame. The frame of the mask machine is a frame assembled from industrial aluminum profile profiles. The following is an introduction to the special aluminum frame of the mask machine. The mask machine production line has two parts, one is the production mechanical system and the other is the conveying part. The frames of these two parts are aluminum frame, so the special aluminum frame for mask machine is also reflected in these two parts. The frame that carries the mechanical part of the mask machine assembly line is an aluminum profile frame, and the frame of the mask machine conveyor system is also an aluminum profile frame, which are assembled and connected with aluminum profiles and aluminum profile related accessories. The use of aluminum profile frame as a special aluminum profile frame for mask machine in the final analysis is because of the good performance of aluminum profile. The aluminum profile has very strong anti-corrosion and wear resistance, and the maintenance is very simple. Wipe it with a damp cloth and it will be as new as before. In addition, the aluminum frame has the advantage that it can be disassembled and recycled if it is not used in the future. It is all connected by accessories, and it is environmentally friendly without any welding parts. The special aluminum profile frame for the mask machine assembly line is of course customized by aluminum profile manufacturers. Metal is an aluminum profile manufacturer that integrates production, processing and assembly. It can be designed or produced by drawing.
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