Talk about the common aluminum accessories

by:Zeyi     2021-05-30
Aluminum accessories are also aluminum connectors, which are parts and components specially used to connect aluminum profiles to aluminum profiles or to connect aluminum profiles to plates. We collectively refer to this category of parts as aluminum fittings, or aluminum fittings for short. This article mainly introduces what are the common aluminum accessories? There are hundreds of specifications of assembly line profiles. It is conceivable that there must be more types of aluminum accessories. Because of different functions, different connection methods or different materials, there are thousands of aluminum accessories that have developed to this day. Ten thousand kinds. From the connection method and use, we roughly divide it into three types: 1. Aluminum accessories for connecting aluminum profiles. The connection between aluminum profile and aluminum profile generally only needs bolts and nuts. After drilling, tapping, cutting, etc., the aluminum profile can be connected with the corresponding bolts and nuts. In order to strengthen the connection, you can use upper angle brackets, Accessories such as corner pieces. Groove bar connectors are connected horizontally, and 90-degree angle brackets or built-in connectors are connected vertically. 2. Aluminum fittings for connecting aluminum profiles and plates. The aluminum fittings that connect aluminum profiles and plates include moldings and spacer connecting blocks. These two types are generally used on fences. Very practical and strong. 3. Aluminum accessories for decoration. The aluminum accessories used for decoration are generally some seals, end caps and some corner caps and so on. Aluminum is an integrated manufacturer of aluminum production and deep processing. Since its establishment, adhering to the concept of 'Pioneering, Innovating, and Scientific DevelopmentCustomized production can meet the needs of all kinds of customers. In line with the tenet of 'reputation, quality firstCustomers and friends come to our company to visit, guide and negotiate business.
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