Talking about the development trend of aluminum pendant

by:Zeyi     2021-06-24
In order to meet the needs of the market, people's understanding of things is becoming clearer day by day. This also forms a certain amount of industry competition, that is, the difference between aluminum alloy pendants and stainless steel pendants. With the rapid development of modern building technology, building exterior curtain walls are increasingly applied to the exterior protection structure of high-rise buildings, integrating the architectural technology, architectural art and architectural functions of modern buildings into one, showing the modern architecture. Artistic charm and sense of the times. The external wall dry hanging stone curtain wall refers to a curtain wall made of natural granite slabs. Dry-hanging stone curtain wall, as a new installation technology, has reached a new level in terms of beauty, durability, resistance to discoloration and flatness. It overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional wet pasting method of stone, and is currently being used more and more in the exterior wall decoration projects of high-end hotels, restaurants, commercial office buildings and office buildings. Aluminum alloy pendants are also one of the commonly used accessories for stone dry hanging. Because everyone’s needs are different, although stainless steel will not rust, but it will generate chlorine and is difficult to handle. It will be very abrupt at home and will be easily deformed over time. However, many people in modern times have already considered aluminum alloy in recent years. Pendants have become the main substitute for stainless steel dry pendants. The reason: stainless steel dry pendants age and oxidize faster than aluminum alloy pendants. In terms of safety, aluminum alloy pendants are recommended, but the price is relatively high. Out a lot. Aluminum pendants are generally used in kitchens and bathrooms. Of course, they are also one of the frequently used products in other fields. The scope of application is gradually expanded. Aluminum pendants are a kind of high strength and corrosion performance. Aluminum products have the characteristics of never rusting, non-flaking, non-fading, environmentally friendly, lightweight and durable. The aluminum pendant is exquisitely made of high-quality space aluminum materials, with a tight structure, a thick feel, convenient installation and stable and firm, which is the standard in the industry. Also, consider the brand and material of aluminum alloy. Generally speaking, many pendants are made of polished copper, and there are some chrome-plated products that want to purchase satisfactory pendant products from the material of the pendant. The second thing is to look at its coating. Generally speaking, the surface of the electroplating layer is fine and uniform, and it can also avoid oxidation and rust in a humid environment. If the surface is relatively uniform without bubbling, then you can buy it.
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