Talking about the nine characteristics of aluminum formwork system

by:Zeyi     2021-08-06
Aluminum formwork (aluminum alloy formwork) is a building formwork made of aluminum alloy, which solves the defects of traditional formwork and greatly improves construction efficiency. The design, development and construction application of aluminum formwork is a major development in the construction industry. So, what are the characteristics of the aluminum formwork system?   1. Lightweight: All products are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, weighing 25 kilograms per square meter on average. One piece (approximately 2.5 square meters) of the largest size template can be easily carried by one person.  2. Flexible: It can be assembled on the ground and hoisted by a tower crane. At the construction site with insufficient tower cranes, it can also be disassembled and assembled manually.  3. Simple: The main accessories are pins, wedges and wall inserts. Only a hammer and slightly trained manual workers can quickly complete the installation and removal of the formwork system.  4. High efficiency: Integrated, standardized, and modular system design can facilitate one-time pouring, making on-site operation simple and easy, and greatly saving on-site labor and labor costs. Effectively shorten the construction period, usually every 3-4 days to complete the assembly and pouring of a floor.  5. High strength: The latest technology of aluminum alloy material and reasonable formwork structure design enables the bearing capacity of the aluminum formwork system to reach 60KN/m, which is equivalent to the design bearing capacity of the all-steel large formwork.  6. u200bu200bAnti-rust: The good anti-rust performance of aluminum alloy brings great convenience to the subsequent use and maintenance of the aluminum template. It is especially suitable for construction in humid areas in the south.  7. Precision: The extrusion manufacturing process of aluminum alloy profiles can ensure the precise docking between the frame of the formwork, and the easy demoulding characteristics of the aluminum formwork panel make the surface of the concrete smooth and clean, and achieve the finishing and clean water effect.   8. Longevity: Based on the experience of the United States and other developed countries, if used and maintained properly, the number of cycles of all-aluminum template can be as high as 2500 times. Amortized cost is better than other types of templates.  9. Value preservation: All the recyclable characteristics of aluminum alloy. Due to factors such as the continued increase in the price of precious metals in the international market, the investment in the use of aluminum formwork systems has added the functions of anti-inflation, value preservation and appreciation. The application of aluminum formwork is becoming more and more extensive. It has many advantages. Because of its light weight, high strength, large board size, and few seams, it greatly ensures the construction quality. The largest application builder of aluminum formwork is Vanke. One of the leaders in the real estate industry, almost all of Vanke's high-rise buildings are designated to use aluminum formwork systems.  
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