Temperature change of industrial aluminum profile during extrusion

by:Zeyi     2021-08-12
The extrusion temperature of industrial aluminum.com/products.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profile is an important process parameter in the extrusion production process. In order to reduce the deformation resistance of metal and reduce the extrusion force, it is necessary to increase the extrusion temperature of industrial aluminum profile. However, when the extrusion temperature is increased to a certain temperature, hot brittleness and defects such as cracks are likely to occur. In order to avoid this phenomenon, in order to increase the extrusion speed, it is necessary to reduce the extrusion temperature. These two conditions are contradictory. In order to reduce the deformation resistance and use a larger extrusion speed, a temperature range with better metal plasticity must be selected. However, during the extrusion production process of industrial aluminum profiles, friction between the metal and the lining of the extrusion cylinder, molds, gaskets, and the deformation of the metal itself will cause the temperature of the metal to rise, which will often exceed the pre-selected extrusion temperature. range. The experiment proved that the extrusion temperature gradually increased during the entire extrusion process, and the extrusion speed gradually increased with the decrease of the ingot metal. Therefore, the tail end of industrial aluminum profile products often cracks due to the increase of extrusion temperature and acceleration of extrusion speed. The increase in extrusion temperature during extrusion is related to the nature of industrial aluminum profiles and extrusion conditions. For industrial aluminum profile profiles, the temperature difference between the front and back of the metal at the die exit is between 10-60°C. In order to keep the extrusion temperature constant in the temperature range of better metal plasticity during the extrusion production process of industrial aluminum profiles, isothermal extrusion is better implemented. This is a new process explored by engineers and technicians over the years. To achieve isothermal extrusion, many conditions are required. All links in the extrusion process can be automatically adjusted. For example, the temperature of the ingot and the temperature of the extrusion barrel can be heated in a gradient, the mold can be cooled and the temperature can be adjusted, and the extrusion speed can be automatically changed. Or use constant velocity extrusion. In addition, after changing the mold, due to the change of the extrusion coefficient, the above-mentioned conditions can be adjusted accordingly. It can be seen that it is a very complicated process to realize isothermal extrusion of industrial aluminum profiles. At present, the method of gradient heating of ingots is often used to achieve approximate isothermal extrusion, which can also greatly increase the extrusion speed and improve product quality. With the gradual and in-depth development of computer and digital programming technology in the industrial application, modern extrusion presses are also updated, equipped with FI-controlled isothermal extrusion and TIPS-controlled isothermal extrusion. The operator only needs to select the button and rely on the automatic programming technology of the equipment to obtain the required constant velocity extrusion or isothermal extrusion.
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