The 3 most commonly used machines and equipment when processing aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-09-18
There are many equipment for processing aluminum.com/products.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profiles on the market, and their main functions are cutting, drilling, tapping, etc., and today we mainly talk about the three most common types of equipment for processing aluminum profiles. 1. Aluminum profile cutting machine The cutting machine is used to cut aluminum profiles. Nowadays, the whole length of aluminum profiles is generally longer. We need to cut the profiles into customized sizes. The cutting machines include double-head cutting and laser cutting machines. The cutting loss of ordinary cutting machine is +—0.5mm, and the accuracy of laser cutting machine is relatively high. 2. Aluminum profile tapping machine The tapping machine is the most widely used internal thread processing machine tool. Tapping machines can be divided into: desktop tapping machine-semi-automatic desktop tapping machine, vertical tapping machine, horizontal tapping machine. 3. Aluminum profile punching machine—open tilting press punch. When we assemble the frame, some aluminum profiles need to be drilled. At this time, we need to use a punch. The punching machine can not only drill holes, but also bend plates or profiles. The aluminum profile processing center not only only has the above three basic equipment, but also has a bench drilling machine, a milling drilling machine, a floor type grinder, and so on.
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