The aluminum industry tells you how to use industrial aluminum profiles correctly

by:Zeyi     2021-04-30
The titanium plating process for aluminum profiles is a coating process, which adds pre-plating and electroplating process steps on the basis of the traditional titanium plating process. The aluminum profile process is to place the activated electroplated parts in salt water and aqueous hydrochloric acid for chemical treatment. So how to use industrial aluminum profiles correctly? What should be paid attention to when using industrial aluminum profiles? How to use industrial aluminum profiles correctly? Precautions for the use of industrial aluminum profiles1. When cleaning, you should use warm water containing lubricants or neutral detergents. Acidic or alkaline detergents are not allowed. 2. For the cleaned aluminum alloy profiles, it is best to polish the anodized film with a high-quality topcoat protective wax, or even spray a layer of acrylic resin varnish. three. When transporting aluminum alloy profiles, it is strictly forbidden to loosen the bulk truck to avoid damage. four. It is best to use a soft cloth and towel for cleaning tools. It is strictly forbidden to use corundum powder, sandpaper, steel wire brush and other friction materials to clean the surface of aluminum doors and windows. 5 pcs. Aluminum alloy doors and windows should be cleaned regularly according to the use environment. 6. When the surface of aluminum profile is corroded or polluted, it should be cleaned up in time. You can wipe the dirt with a soft cloth and alcohol, and then wash it with water. In some cases, when we use industrial aluminum, we will find that many industrial aluminum have cracks on the surface, and there are regular cracks. Some serious cracks will make industrial aluminum profile directly in a disconnected state. Slight cracks will not have a great impact on the use of industrial aluminum, otherwise they will be different, thereby affecting the performance of industrial aluminum. Next, Zhaoqing New Lianchang will share with you the reasons for the cracks. The reasons for the cracks on the surface of industrial aluminum are: (1) Extrusion speed is too fast, the extrusion temperature is too high, and the extrusion coefficient is too large. 2. The pressure is unstable, the force is uneven, or the speed difference of multi-gear speed is large, and the shift time is too fast when shifting gears. three. The quality of industrial aluminum is unqualified, and the temperature is too high, causing cracks. four. In the future, when industrial aluminum is extruded, the speed is too fast and the speed is slowed down, which will cause cracks in the end of the industrial aluminum profile.
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