The aluminum industry: the development history of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-05-18
Most industrial aluminum profiles are developed according to the needs of users. Therefore, some industries have strong development capabilities, such as rail vehicle manufacturing and automobile manufacturing. Through these developments, the market demand for industrial aluminum profiles can be expanded, especially the development of large-scale industries. Increasing market demand can reduce the fierce competition after the completion of the large and super large extrusion production lines under construction. Improve the overall production process of industrial aluminum profiles.  Most industrial aluminum varieties have strict requirements on materials, performance, and dimensional tolerances. Although the profit of industrial aluminum profiles is higher than that of architectural aluminum profiles, it is relatively difficult to produce and has higher technical requirements. In particular, the production process of complex, flat and thin-walled large industrial aluminum profiles still has a big gap compared with foreign countries. Further efforts are needed to improve the technical level. Only by comprehensively improving the technical level, can China's industrial aluminum profiles be in a favorable position in international competition and create conditions for opening up foreign markets and participating in international competition. With the continuous development of the industrial aluminum profile profile industry, more and more companies are used in the industrial aluminum profile industry. The rapid development of some of them has attracted widespread attention. For example, in Tianjin, Shanghai and other places, industrial aluminum profile companies are my country Specializing in the production of industrial aluminum profiles in key areas.   has non-standard industrial aluminum products such as mold design and development, aluminum profile production, industrial frame and assembly line, transmission line equipment development and installation, and aluminum product deep processing. After years of development, we have a complete aluminum profile structure installation accessories. Reasonably design various accessories, maximize the assembly efficiency of aluminum profile frames, reduce customer costs, and provide a one-stop service area for the design, processing and assembly of aluminum profile structural frames.   In recent years, the aluminum processing industry has closely combined with the needs of the market and scientific development, so that traditional aluminum processing materials have gradually completed the transformation to modern aluminum processing materials, and the varieties of aluminum processing materials have undergone great changes.  The important feature of aluminum processing materials is the development of high performance, high precision, energy saving and environmental protection. Many products have become well-known brands at home and abroad, enjoying a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets, the product quality has been steadily improved, and the product standard level has been among the international advanced ranks. In addition to producing according to national standards, major aluminum manufacturers can also directly accept orders according to the requirements of the world's advanced national standards.   This shows that the production of aluminum processing materials in my country has been further internationalized. In order to meet the needs of the national economy and science and technology for high-precision aluminum materials, major aluminum processing companies have also formulated many domestic supply technical standards.   There are about 300 kinds of aluminum alloys and more than 1,500 kinds of aluminum processing materials. It is one of the most abundant aluminum processing materials in the world. Among the many aluminum processing materials, a large number of international advanced products and national brand-name products have emerged, representing the mainstream direction of the development and application of modern aluminum processing technology in my country.
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