The aluminum profile is cut obliquely, what is the reason

by:Zeyi     2021-06-15
What is the cause of the problem that the cut surface of the aluminum profile is not vertical. First of all, we need to do detailed analysis and inspection according to our own cutting equipment. 1. For the quality and service life of the saw blades we use, we need to ensure the normal sharpness of the saw blades before cutting, so that the verticality of the material can be guaranteed within the range when cutting. 2. Most of the equipment we use in the cutting process is to compress the material through the material pressing cylinder. If the air pressure of the equipment is insufficient, or the air pressure is too high, and the material is not pressed tightly, the material will shake during the cutting process, and the vertical surface of the cut material will be inclined. There is also a phenomenon that the corresponding configuration of this cutting equipment has declined. Normally, the saw blade is perpendicular to the backing of the worktable at 90 degrees. If the backing is deformed, the equipment life cycle is too long or the track under the spindle motor has decreased accuracy or out-of-tolerance deformation. During the process, there will be severe sweeping phenomenon so that the cut material is difficult to guarantee its verticality. 3. If we are using a fully automatic cutting machine, how should we check it? There is an automatic feeding device behind the fully automatic equipment, and the bottom surface of the automatic feeding device and the bottom plate of the working table must be on the same plane. , If it is not on a plane, slanting will also occur in the cutting process. Including the feeding backer and the sawing backer, it must also be perpendicular to the saw blade at 90 degrees. If there is a deviation, the cut material will also be cut obliquely. Therefore, a cutting equipment, whether it is semi-automatic or fully automatic, must be fully inspected before cutting materials before it can be discharged normally. In addition, the operator also needs to maintain the cutting equipment on a regular basis, so as to solve the abnormality in time.
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