The application advantages of industrial aluminum frame and the scope of application of industrial aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-05-07
Application advantages of industrial aluminum profile frame 1. Wide range of applications: suitable for machine frames, brackets, doors, industrial automation equipment, workbenches in factories and offices, shelves, containers, ladders, etc. 2. Convenient construction: Modularization and multi-function, without complicated design and processing, can quickly construct an ideal mechanical equipment coat. 3. Beautiful and practical appearance: light weight, high rigidity, simple and beautiful appearance without paint. 4. Strong expandability: Unique T-shape, groove design, nut and bolt can be installed at any position without disassembling the profile when installing components, and the equipment modification is simple and quick. application scope is suitable for: production line, assembly line operation workbench, office partitions, screens, industrial fences, various frames, display racks, shelves, mechanical dust-proof seal covers, etc. It has strong versatility, and it is environmentally friendly, easy to assemble and disassemble, and save time and money. profiles have many varieties and specifications, suitable for various types of mechanical devices, no welding, convenient size adjustment, easy structure modification; strict dimensional tolerances, high surface finish requirements, convenient and quick assembly work, high productivity, and anodized surface Treatment, anti-corrosion, spray-free, beautiful and generous, can increase the added value of the product.
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